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A dark form crouched low among the bushes by the side of a path, another form outlined against the star-lit sky and moving up the path, a blinding flash, a cry, a fall, the sound of retreating footsteps, then silence. This, in substance, is the story of a murder committed in Camden at an early hour Sunday morning. The story, as unfolded, shows that revenge prompted the killing and that the murder was premeditated and boasted of.

A Murderous Shot Fired from Ambush

The year 2013 ended with 58 known homicides in the city of Camden, which perhaps is more a statement of the human condition than anything about the city in particular. One thing that many of us would prefer to deny, is that there are some people who are flat-out evil, and apparently John Hill, the murderer in this instance, was one of them. He had been implicated in the drowning of 14 year-old Perry Jordan in the summer of 1891 and had attempted to kill bar-owner Daniel Hurley three weeks before this shooting.

John Hill unsuccessfully attempted to implicate his employers in this murder. They were acquitted. He was tried, convicted, and hung in April of 1893.