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Camden National Bank, 2003-11-22

Camden National Bank

Established in 1885, the Camden National Bank opened at 259 Kaighn Avenue on August 13, 1885. Zophar C. Howell was the first President. One of the founders, and an early vice-president was Henry B. Wilson, for whom the H.B. Wilson School at South 9th & Florence Street is named, and whose son was Admiral Henry Braid Wilson Jr., for whom the boulevard is named. Another of Wilson’s son, Philip Wilson, worked for the bank for many years. Other founders included Howard M. Cooper and Isaac C. Toone.

Camden National Bank – Bank Directory 1916

HERBERT C. FELTON, Vice President

The annual meeting of Camden City Council was held last evening for the purpose of organizing for the years 1878-9. The votes for city and ward officers were read. The result was the same as the figures published yesterday indicated. The members-elect were then qualified and took their seats as follows: First Ward, William Abels; Second, J.W. Morgan; Third, A. B. Cameron; Fourth, Crawford Miller; Fifth, Mr. Knight; Sixth, John Dialogue; Seventh, Elwood Kamble; Eighth, Mr. Donges. John T. Bottomly was unanimously elected president for the ensuing year. F.F. Michellon and Frederick W. Taw were nominated for clerk. Mr. Michellon was elected. Charles H. Helmbold was elected messenger of Councils. Mr. Nicholls presented a protest from William A. Turner against the admission of John Dialogue, from the Sixth Ward, to a seat in Council, claiming that he, Turner, was legally elected. Referred to a committed of five to investigate and report. James E. Hayes was elected city solicitor and John H. Shultz for surveyor. John M. Gray, Sr., was chosen as janitor of the City Hall. R.S. Bender and W. W. Mines were elected citizen commissioners of the Fire Department. Wilbur F. Rose and H. M. Sharp were elected citizen members of the Sinking Fund Committee. The hour for holding the regular meeting of the Council was fixed at four o'clock in the afternoon. On motion, Council agreed to meet on Monday afternoon next at two o'clock. Joseph A. Porter was then called and took the oath of office faithfully to discharge the duties of the treasurer of the city. Adjourned.

Over the River

The annual meeting of Camden City Council was held last evening for the purpose of organizing for the years 1878-9.