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South Camden Trust Building. August 2, 2003
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South Camden Trust

The South Camden Trust Company was opened for business on April 2, 1921.

Leon Todd, Sr., 1926
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Leon E. Todd, Sr.

Leon Edgar Todd Sr. was born in Camden NJ on November 22, 1893. He operated his real estate agency for many years in Camden at 2623 Westfield Avenue, a building designed by the Camden architectural firm of Lackey & Hettel. Besides handling real estate transactions between buyers and sellers, Leon Todd developed several neighborhoods. One of his most successful projects were the row homes built between Rosedale Street and Westfield Avenue, below North 33rd Street, in East Camden, which were completed in 1925.  He also was involved in the fundraising drive that culminated in the building of the Walt Whitman Hotel at Broadway and Cooper streets in 1925.

Built in 1928 by realtor Leon Todd, this building was designed by the Camden architectural firm of Lackey & Hettel. The F.W. Woolworth department store chain was the original lessee of 2515 Federal Street, and remained there for many years. Since Woolworth's closed for the final time, the store has been known as VALU-PLUS. Photograph from March 14, 2004
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Woolworth Leases East Camden Site

F.W. Woolworth is invading East Camden with his “five and ten”.