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Andrew Scarduzio

Andrew Scarduzio was a political player in Camden who was killed at a bar in Bellmawr NJ.

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Joseph "Mose" Flannery

Joseph 'Mose' Flannery was a political figure in Camden in the early 1900's, also involved in organized crime. He was murdered, as was his suspected murderer.

Samuel P Orlando Portrait - 1928-09-06
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Samuel P. Orlando

SAMUEL P. ORLANDO was born in Italy on April 26, 1900 to Tony and Fortune Orlando. He came to America in 1909. When the Census was taken in 1910 the family lived in Bridgeton NJ where the elder Orlando and older brother Mike, then 18, worked as laborers at a glass factory. A daughter, Jennie, was also at home.

Gangster Murder Stock Photo
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Gunmen In Philadelphia Murder Colozzi in Numbers War

A reputed employee of Fred Klosterman, Camden numbers baron, was shot and killed in Philadelphia last night in what police there believed was an inter-city fight for control of the numbers racket.

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Gangster Shot As Racketeers Open War Here

Joseph Connors, known racketeer of Gloucester City, was shot in Camden after an altercation at a bar over $5. Ten people held for questioning.

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Bank Embezzler Jokes When Taken to County Prison

Laughing at photographers who tried to snap a picture as he covered his face with his hat and joking with the officers who accompanied him, Burd S. Garrett, for seven years a teller employed by the East End Trust Company was taken from the West Jersey Hospital this morning at 11:15 to the County Courthouse.

Headquarters of the Sixth Ward Republican Club at 908 Broadway below Spruce Street is shown in the picture. The entrance is to the left, the first floor front being occupied by a barber shop. The arrow indicates the room where the shooting occurred
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Gangster Shot During Melee In Sixth Ward

Victim of a shot fired in a gangster melee, the exact cause of which remain undetermined, Joseph Cimini, 31 years old, was killed in the Sixth Ward Republican Club, 908 Broadway.