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4th Street Tunnel, under the Ben Franklin Bridge, which was closed in the early 1980's. Photo from July 5, 2004.
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4th Street Tunnel

While you can drive a car under the Ben Franklin Bridge at street level from North 3rd Street east, at 4th Street there is a tunnel, closed in the early 1980s, that provided amusement for generations of local kids on bicycles, and aggravation for most adults responsible for public safety. At 5th Street there is a pedestrian tunnel, which is still in use.

Dwellings, N.W. Cor. 4th and Cedar Streets, Camden, NJ. Damaged by Wind Storm, April 2nd, 1912
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Camden Cyclone of April 2, 1912

The city of Camden was hit by tornadoes, or as they were then called, cyclones, on two occasions, August 3, 1885 and April 2, 1912. The first storm destroyed the Tabernacle Baptist Church at North 3rd and Pearl Street, and caused damage to buildings at North 3rd and Main Streets and elsewhere.