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Gloucester City Man Killed in Iraq

Gloucester City resident Marc T. Ryan went back for his third and last Iraq tour and was scheduled to return home in March. He never made it.

Marc T. Ryan

Marine from Gloucester City Killed in Iraq

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (AP) _ A Marine corporal who volunteered to go to Iraq after two combat tours in Afghanistan was killed Monday in fighting in Ramadi, family members said Tuesday.

Taking the Battle to the Enemy

As lightening flashes intermittently in an otherwise clear sky, a group of more than 200 Marines begins to gear up on a dusty plain outside the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Officers bark orders, directing grunts into their vehicles. Tank drivers climb into turrets and crank up heavy-metal tunes. Infantrymen who moments earlier had been asking about baseball scores exhort one another to move forward. “This is what you trained for, Marine!” “You’re the hunter! You’re the predator!”