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V. McClellan Fulton

V. McCLELLAN FULTON was born in Maryland around 1884. He had his first Studebaker dealership in 1909, and married at the age of 27. Known as "Mac" Fulton, he operated a Studebaker automobile agency in Camden for at least 30 years.

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The cost of administering City Government in Camden is lower per capita than in any city its size in New Jersey.The manner in which the low per capita figure is continued year after year is another evidence of consistent economy.Yes! the economy brakes are functioning.

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Bernard A. Ahlberg Biography

BERNARD ABRAHAM AHLBERG, former captain of industry, of Camden, New Jersey, and leader in all its departments of life, was born September 18, 1858, in Sweden, and died May 24, 1925. His parents were Abraham and Inga (Friedberg) Ahlberg. His father was of Scotch and his mother, of German descent. His father, who was a ship-builder, served in the Swedish Navy in his youth. Both parents are now dead.
Bernard Abraham Ahlberg got little schooling in his boyhood. At the age of fourteen he was bound apprentice to a coppersmith, for whom he worked for three years for a total remuneration of $2.99 per annum and his board. Somehow, he had to clothe himself and pay for his washing during that period and somehow he did it. He also studied. When eighteen years of age he came to the United States, and after spending six months in Brooklyn, New York, went on to Philadelphia, where he obtained employment and remained with the same concern for nineteen years, rising to the position of superintendent and saving his money to such good purpose that in 1902 he was able to go into business with two others in Philadelphia. He dissolved this partnership in 1907, and going to Camden, founded the Camden Copper Works on Fifth Street, at Washington, whence he moved to the present site at Nos. 559-609 South Second Street, in December of 1911. The business was incorporated under the laws of New Jersey in 1912 for $50,000 fully paid, with Mr. Ahlberg as president and manager; Dr. Wesley J. Barrett, secretary, and Walter E. Ahlberg, the founder's son, as treasurer. These also constituted the board of directors.

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Rotary Club Hears Hitler Denounced

Adolph Hitler and his "brown barbarians" were accused of aiming to make war the "be-all and end-all of human evolution" in an address by Walter Schoenstedt

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Rotary Club Lends to 16 College Boys

Eight Camden boys last September were able to continue their studies in college and universities because a Camden service club established a loan fund to aid worthy students.

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Rotary Club Told of Industrial Drive

An industrial campaign for the purpose of inducing new business industries to locate in Camden will be part of the program of the Chamber of Commerce for this year.