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Camden’s Pride Parades Before City’s People

With a line up that could not be surpassed by the famous “Broadway Squad” of New York, Camden’s policemen, or most of them, turned out in review yesterday. The military carriage of the men excited much and favorable comment, especially among those who were not aware that the men have been drilled every week for a year past by Colonel D. R. Murphy, of the National Guard of New Jersey. The policemen were followed by an array of firemen and a variety of apparatus that made many of the natives gasp in astonishment. Altogether the procession was a revelation to Camden residents who thought hey were well informed about their city.

Photo taken 5-20-1871 in front of the Friendship Engine & Hose Company No.1 of Chambersburg, PA. The steam engine on the right has just arrived after being purchased from Millville, N.J. This apparatus was originally purchased by the Independence Fire Company No.3 of Camden in June 1864. It was a class two Amoskeag steamer bearing serial No. 92. Independence sold the apparatus to Millville in 1869.
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Inception of the First Paid Fire Department in the US

On June 7, 1866 Camden’s City Council enacted an ordinance reorganizing the volunteer fire service to improve efficiency in operations. This ordinance provided for increased compensation to the fire companies (Weccacoe and Independence got $800 per annum to be paid quarterly, the Weccacoe and Shiffler Hose companies and the United States Fire Company received $200 annually). The volunteer fire companies were also directed to select a Chief Fire Marshal and three Assistant Marshals, one fromĀ each district. The selections were subject to approval by Council. The new department was called “The Fire Department of the City of Camden”. In protest of this ordinance the New Jersey Fire Company No.4 withdrew from the new, organized volunteer department.