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Third National Bank Envelope Return Address Imprint - 1960s
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Third National Bank

One of the last banks to be organized in Camden, Third National Bank was organized in January of 1928. The new bank survived the depression, and remained in business as the Third National Bank & Trust Company until the 1970s, when it was merged into the United Jersey Bank. Unlike the other Camden banks that survived the Depression, Third National remained primarily a Camden institution.

Soot marks the spot where firebomb struck the Third National Bank of New Jersey, in Camden today. The bombing was the second of two in the city within 16 minutes and three miles.
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Camden Bank, Business Bldg. Targets of Two Firebombings

There was a loud bang from the back room of the Third National Bank of New Jersey, Camden at 7:34 am. today, just after Miss Sara Matthews, head bookkeeper, had left and shut the door.

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Bridgeview B. and L. Pays $23,700 Series

Checks totaling $23,700 were in the mail yesterday in payment of the maturing of the first series of shares by the Bridge View Building and Loan Association. One hundred eighteen shareholders share in the distribution.

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Business Men Form Third National Bank

Faith in the progress of East Camden is reflected in announcement of the organization of the Third National Bank and Trust company, the city’s newest banking institution, to be opened in April or May in a building at the northeast corner of Twenty-seventh Street and Westfield Avenue.