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Henry Magin Laid to Rest by War Veteran Buddies

Funeral services for City Commissioner Henry Magin were held today with his colleagues in official and veterans circles participating.

Headquarters of the Sixth Ward Republican Club at 908 Broadway below Spruce Street is shown in the picture. The entrance is to the left, the first floor front being occupied by a barber shop. The arrow indicates the room where the shooting occurred

Gangster Shot During Melee In Sixth Ward

Victim of a shot fired in a melee, the exact cause of which remain undetermined, Joseph Cimini, 31 years old, was killed in the Sixth Ward Republican Club, 908 Broadway.

Battle Flags Wave in Triumph O'ver Parade Reviewed by Admiral


The Peace with victory which Camden’s sons along with millions of other soldiers of all the Allied countries helped to bring home was celebrated by a jubilee in Camden yesterday which eclipsed anything that the city across the Delaware has ever attempted in her history.